M. Jason Kenney (Calgary-Sud-Est, Alliance canadienne)


Le jeudi 21 février 2002

M. Jason Kenney (Calgary-Sud-Est, Alliance canadienne)

Mr. Speaker, because of unfair labour restrictions that prohibit Ontario construction workers from doing jobs in Quebec, the Ontario government has re-enacted its fairness is a two way street law which will impose similar restrictions on Quebec firms.

This is the madness of internal protectionism, one of the reasons that Canada’s standard of living and productivity are in decline. When provincial governments erect barriers to the free flow of goods and services like the construction trade in Quebec, we all lose.

This internal trade war is happening because the federal government has abdicated its constitutional responsibility to ensure domestic free trade and has failed to act on the 1994 agreement on internal trade. [Translation]

Unfortunately, this government is sitting on the sidelines, while Ontario and Quebec have a dispute over manpower mobility. The Association pour le droit au travail is concerned about the future of tradesmen and is asking for help.

I urge this government to play a leading role to ensure true free trade between the provinces.

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