POSITIVE meeting with Québec Labour Minister

POSITIVE meeting with Québec Labour Minister
in Quebec city last Thursday

ADAT – Sunday- 2005-12-11- by Jocelyn Dumais –

Having sensed that a no-content agreement Ontario/Quebec might be signed, we asked to meet with Québec Labour Minister, Mr Laurent Lessard.

The meeting which was arranged by the Minister responsible for the Outaouais, Mr. Benoit Pelletier, was most positive, as we were able to convince the Minister to come and meet with local workers that are at the centre of the Ontario/Quebec labour mobility issue. The Minister agree to come next January 2006.

A special thank to the Minister for showing is interest in the situation by according us extra time for this meeting.

2005-12-08_Ministre_Laurent Lessar
We asked that he witness first hand, the ongoing situation, where workers demand vehemently to work in Québec, in complete freedom. It will be a chance for workers that do not possess a the Quebec “competence” card, that they none-the- less, have just as good, if not better qualifications, than many workers with “competence” cards.

In fact this this exercise will help to prove and acknowledge the working experience of those construction workers.

A brick layer contractor (Rocco Guido) will show the Minister the quality of the work done by workers without the Quebec cards at the Ottawa Lynx Baseball stadium and we will show other buildings that have been erected by workers , Quebec resident, that do not have the Quebec “competency” card.

Finally, the ultimate goal is to convince the Labour Minister to sign a durable Agreement on Labour Mobility with the Province of Ontario:
* An agreement that recognise the specificity along the North-South border between Ontario and Québec.
* An agreement with certain exempt in the application of the Quebec Labour Relation Law , as it is the case in the James Bay region.
* An agreement that would satisfy our wish to work in harmony with our friends and family of both sides of the Ottawa River.

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