2006 Ontario/Quebec labour mobility  »Agreement or status quo  » ?

2006 Ontario/Quebec labour mobility  »Agreement or status quo  » ?

ADAT-Jocelyn Dumais- 12 May 2006

On June 2 the Premier of Ontario and Québec met in Ottawa (Chateau Laurier) to sign what they called  » An historic Agreement  » that would put and end to a long standing dispute on labour mobility. For years Ontario constructions workers, wishing to work in the Province of Quebec, complain the unfairness of the Quebec regime and demand that they be treated under the same rules that Quebec workers have when coming to work in Ontario. (See historic of dispute)

The Barrier
The long standing dispute was about the regime imposed by the Quebec construction Law.
Rules such as
1. Forced unionisation ( A case that our organisation lost in Supreme Court by one vote  » Advance cutting & coring )
2. Quotas impose on number of card issued base on the rate of unemployment (under 4%). for every trade
3. Limit within the Province for work access.
4. School requirement often unrealistic for the industry standard.

Those rules, unique to Quebec, make it really difficult even impossible for those outside the Province who oppose forced unionisation, to work in that Province.
Without a change in the Quebec construction labour Law, we cannot say that the barrier has been abolished.

What Ontario gave up?
1. The Ontario mirror law is abolished completely  » Fairness is a two way street » that made access for Quebec resident, just as restrictive Ontario construction site as is was for Ontarian wishing to work in Quebec.
2. Gave access to Quebec companies the right to bid on Ontario Hydro lucrative contract ( 42Billion$ ) without limit on amount on contract.
3. Quebec resident will be permit again to work freely in Ontario without restriction.

What Ontario gain ?? Almost nothing:
1. The Quebec labour Law remains unchanged. Ontario resident wishing to work in Quebec will have their experience evaluate by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (Ontario) in their locality and will be issue a card by the Job Protection Office in Ottawa (Those from northern Ontario or Toronto will have to come to get this card ion Ottawa) and then go to the nearest CCQ office in Quebec to choose the union that they must sign in before they ca start working on a construction site (Quebec).
2. Ontario companies will have access to bidding on Quebec Hydro for contracts over 100,000$. Only in the Outaouais, Ontario companies will have full access to bidding Quebec Hydro contracts.

The barrier remain and Quebec resident and construction companies have more access to Ontario jobs than ever before.

Well …, this  » Historic Agreement » is the official acceptance by Dalton MacGuinty that Ontario residents should accept to submit to the union regime in the construction industry in Quebec and that Quebec resident should be welcome in freedom land of Ontario, without restriction. (Copy of Agreement)

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